We'll Bet You Didn't Know You Could Do All This With a Tomato

Keep reading to find out what made it into this week’s SWAT (Sharing With A Theme) roundup

To me, there is little more depressing than looking over at the off-season tomato stand in the grocery store. You just know those guys are flavorless, mealy, and ultimately a waste of your time and money.

But it is now finally tomato season — just last week I picked up a massive yellow heirloom tomato at my local farmers market. Once home, it was quickly sliced, sprinkled with Maldon salt, and gone in seconds; I really just couldn’t wait to taste it.

My favorite way to eat a fresh tomato, though, is on a tartine sandwich: levain bread slightly toasted (just so the edges have an aesthetic and flavorful char while the center still maintains a soft chew), a swirl of fresh ricotta cheese, a large slice of tomato, a playfully messy drizzle of fruity olive oil, flaky salt, coarse grind of cracked black pepper, and a touch of basil chiffonade for good measure. For me, this is the epitome of summertime bliss; don’t mind me as I take my glass of rosé out onto the sunny patio to enjoy my tomato tartine.

With my romantic version of the ideal summer moment in mind, I reached out to my Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see what they had in store for their summertime tomatoes. As it turns out, I am not the only one in love with this season: I received 70 submissions. I think we may have set a record here (As a reference, my first week on the job I received four).

With the sheer number, I couldn’t include everyone in this week’s roundup, so I chose my 25 favorites and have deemed you all champions of the summer tomato. Thank you all so much for playing along.