Instant Pot for Beginners: 20 Essential Recipes

If you’re new to slow-cooking, we have the perfect collection of recipes to get you started for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or des

The Instant Pot will change the way you think about cooking.

If you think the Instant Pot is just another pressure cooker, it’s time to think again. This wonderful device has had a serious makeover, and now you can use it to sauté vegetables, sear meat, cook pasta — the possibilities are endless. It’s very easy to clean, and soon you’ll find yourself using it to make everything from granola bars to layered dips!

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The Instant Pot is a great way to gain confidence in the kitchen. Whether you’re an experienced chef or not, when you cook anything long enough, flavors really meld together and develop lovely, rich notes that will have you feeling quite proud of your culinary efforts. One of the best things about this wonderful piece of equipment is that it can produce this slow-cooker effect more quickly, while maintaining all the vitamins in the food.

You’ve struggled in the kitchen for long enough — it’s time to make your cooking life easy with some of the diverse dishes we highlight below. Your food will retain all the natural nutrients, and finally you will have some extra time on your hands without stressing about dinner. The 20 recipes below include healthy everyday meals perfect for the Instant Pot beginner.