The 15 Best Damn Cherry Dessert Recipes Ever

Simply incredible

This black forest icebox cake has tons of cherry flavor and requires very little effort.

There’s something about the cherry that inspires passion. Perhaps it’s the fruit’s rich, deep, and perfectly tart yet sweet flavor. Maybe it’s the fact that a cherry is the perfect bite-sized morsel. Or perhaps it’s just the classic deep red color that sets hearts aflutter and just begs for chefs to use them in any way possible.

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While cherries have plenty of savory uses, the best place for these perfectly sweet, tart, and juicy fruits is in the world of dessert. From cookies and fudge to cakes and puddings, the potential for cherry desserts is endless. And, of course, who can forget the cherry pie? We couldn’t! That’s why we have six variations of this classic dessert, from fresh cherry pies to crumbles to even a few gluten-free options, in case flour isn’t your thing.

And each one goes pretty well with a fine cup of coffee.

These desserts are perfect any time you want to make cherry desserts to fuel a Twin Peaks binge-watch session, to celebrate a successful summer harvest, or just because you’re craving something tart, sweet, and delicious.