The Sushi Donut Is A Thing Now

Food-lovers, wipe the drool off of your keyboards. Instagram user @sobeautifullyraw has won food art this week, becoming the proud inventor of sushi donuts. According to her, the process is not that difficult; she outlines it in her Instagram post:

What I love about this is that it's easy and versatile. Donut molds are available for a reasonable price, and after making the rice-donut, you can put on it whatever you want.  Sam, a vegan, stuck to vegan options, but the idea of putting some fish on this is already making my mouth water.

Donuts have recently been a hotbed for culinary invention. The Cronut, macaron donut, and even the barely-imaginable doughrito (donut in a burrito).  However, the sushi donut has to take the cake.  This invention is the latest on her mouth-watering Instagram; she seems to be the only one surprised by her Instagram's rapidly-growing number of followers: "I definitely didn't see it coming!" she confessed to Bustle.

In either case, these sushi donuts are an amazing invention and an inspiration to us all. I mean, how can you stop looking at these? 


Sushi Donut Dreamin' #vegan

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