This Pizza-Stuffed Pizza Topped With More Pizza Is The 'Win'ception We've Been Searching For

The Vulgar Chef — that blogger known for his potty mouth just as much as his over-the-top recipes — is back with an impressive take on pizza: A pizza-stuffed pizza topped with even more pizza.

The caption in the curious video reads, "Yo, dawg... I heard you like pizzas... so we put pizzas on your pizza with pizza inside so you can pizza while you pizza" (ala the meme based on Xzibit's Pimp My Ride).

This elaborate pizza-ception is made with homemade pizza stuffed with frozen pizza and topped with Bagel Bites: a true mastery of the art of inconceivable junk food.

"I wanted to create something a little more fundamental this week," The Vulgar Chef blogs. "I'm not really sure what fundamental means, but a pizza stuffed with a pizza with pizzas on top seems fundamental to me. All you need for this f***g banger is a couple of pizza doughs, a cooked frozen pizza, some cheese, sauce, and mini pizzas."

This is from the guy who brought you a burger with a French fry bun and the over-the-top ramen-and-bacon-topped sushi roll.

Watch below and enjoy: