KitchenAid Creates A Mini Stand Mixer With Millennials In Mind

For those with KitchenAid stand mixer desires but without the countertop space or practical need, the brand is releasing a smaller version of its iconic mixer: the Artisan Mini Stand Mixer.

The mixer is made for customers with "limited counter space and 'smaller batch' lifestyles." It is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the classic Artisan, however the price point is not so mini. The 3.5-quart Artisan Mini retails for $399.99, while the standard 5-quart artisan costs $429.99. Turns out the mini uses the same motor as the classic, hence maintaining the higher price point.

Derek Ernst, KitchenAid's global marketing director for small appliances, tells The Huffington Post, "We believed strongly that it had to power all of our existing hub attachments, some of which require significant power to deliver great results. This created a technical challenge for us as we had to pack the same level of performance into a smaller motor. The result is one of our most advanced motors yet."