How To Make George W. Bush's Famous Cheeseburger Pizza

The Obama family is known for adhering to a healthy diet, even using the White House garden's vegetables (mostly thanks to the First Lady), but the prior administration ate a little bit differently. White House chef Cristeta Comerford said George W. Bush's favorite guilty pleasure food was cheeseburger pizza: literally all of the ingredients found in a cheeseburger, including pickles, ketchup, and mustard, on top of a traditional Italian Margherita pizza. Sounds gross? Maybe, but Bush Jr. is a comfort food fan.

"If you had a grilled cheese, a peanut butter and honey, and a BLT, pretty much you'll cover the culinary universe as far as [President Bush] is concerned," Walter Scheib, President Bill Clinton's White House chef, told The Daily Beast.

Comerford also said the 43rd president kept a strict exercise regimen so he could indulge in his favorite hodgepodge snack.

Although similar pies can be found on fast-casual pizza menus across America, the recipe for George W. Bush's famous cheeseburger pizza calls for particular ingredients and was recently reproduced by The Daily Beast. The White House's pizza dough recipe is topped with crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, bacon, beef, pickles, and a sprinkling of Cheddar, then baked on a pizza stone in the oven. The pizza is left to cool and drizzled with ketchup and mustard before serving.

You can find the entire recipe for the bizarre presidential pie here.