Here's How To Make A Crazy Big Mac Pizza

Two food reporters go where no man (or mouth) has ever gone before: a Big Mac Pizza. Foodbeast writers got the brilliant idea to create a pizza topped and stuffed with all the Big Mac patties and trimmings, inventing a food mashup the world did not know it really needed.

First they took pizza dough and slathered it with a generous portion of McDonald's special sauce. Then they piled that with patties, cheese, sauce, and onions. The pizza is topped off with more crust, as well as a sprinkling of fries, special sauce, and crumbled-up patties. The crust (of course) is layered with sesame seeds (because a Big Mac Pizza would not be compete without them). The creation is then baked for 20 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit, then finished off with some shredded lettuce and even more special sauce.

If you're ready for the impressively inventive and positively nauseating feat, check out the "making of" video below: