The Ultimate Nostalgic Birthday: Kids’ Party Food for Grown-Ups

Jello and ice cream should be a feature of your birthday party, no matter how old you are
Champagne Jello


Make your jello with Champagne for the ultimate grown-up yet nostalgic birthday treat.

We all remember the excitement of birthday parties as a kid: the candles on the cake, the party games, the magic tricks, the party favors, and, of course, the tasty food. As we grow up, the classic children’s party foods are forgotten, and birthdays come to center more around Champagne and a sophisticated dinner shared with friends.

The Ultimate Nostalgic Birthday: Kids’ Party Food for Grown-Ups (Slideshow)

But we’re rather sad that we seem to have said goodbye to our favorite childhood party treats forever. There appears to be no good reason that we should have to stop celebrating our birthdays with these classic birthday foods. Jello and ice cream, layer cakes, and chicken nuggets shouldn’t leave our diets forever just because we feel they’re too childish for our grown-up taste.

To make sure that none of these treats disappoint, and immediately dash our fond, nostalgic memories of all those sugar-filled parties of our childhood, it’s important that we put a slightly grown-up twist on our favorite old-school party treats. Brownies should now be made with extra dark chocolate, and be tainted with alcohol to give them an extra kick. Milkshakes should still be slurped out of a tall glass with a colorful straw, but they should definitely have a dash of bourbon slipped in. Mac and cheese should of course still be a key feature, but it should no longer be the orange, boxed variety: Swap the instant version for a homemade lobster mac and cheese to add a touch of decadence to your birthday.


For your next birthday party, don’t make a reservation at that fancy restaurant. Instead, turn to your favorite childhood treats for inspiration: Put on that retro playlist, play your favorite party games, and enjoy the fact that now you’re a grown-up you can eat as much candy as you please, and you can have vodka in your ice pops.