Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Every summer birthday baby loves themselves a pool party, but year after year taking a dip in the pool can get rather boring. Besides, there are tons of fun ways to celebrate summer that don't involve getting in a bathing suit.

To help you pull together the best summer birthday party possible, we rounded up a few great theme ideas that will definitely keep the season in mind and wow your guests. The best part? They are great for any age! So put those party pants on and get down with these fun summer themes!

Watermelon Themed
This sweet summer fruit is perfect to theme your party around. How exactly? In addition to a fabulous pink and green summer color scheme, watermelon drinks and desserts will prove to be super refreshing.

Lemonade Stand

Who hasn't tried this summer entrepreneurial venture at least once in their lifetime? With adult and kid-friendly lemonade recipes and a bright yellow color scheme, this sweet and tangy party will be all kinds of fun under the summer sun.

Boardwalk Party
The boardwalk is a great place to eat and play, so why wouldn't you choose this as a fun party theme? Make delicious carnival-inspired food and throw in some beach theme decorations. You'll have a blast!