The Gorgeous Guide to Sprinkles Slideshow



Sprinkles on Top

The ideal ice cream companion. These brightly hued mini sticks are great for full coverage of any sundae or cone, are really fantastic for a kid’s birthday cake, and work really well when dipping with chocolate. They come in individual colors or multi-colored palettes for various occasions. Also know that these are one of the heavier sprinkles, so beware of adding them to an already heavy topping.

Crystal Sprinkles


These light and airy sprinkles are perfect for decorating and icing sugar cookies. They stick best, pack on a nice sweet crunch, and bake well without tasting burnt. 



These are bigger and flatter than most sprinkles. They’re usually very festive and come in various shapes pertaining to occasions, holidays, and celebrations. Great for making holiday-themed cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. 

Sanding Sugar


Similar in size and weight to classic white granulated sugar, this coats really well when decorating. Think of a Hostess snowball — this has full coverage capability, whether it's for a cupcake top or a cake pop. 

Non Pareils


These super tiny round-shaped sprinkles are as commonly used for sundaes and cones as jimmies, but beware, because they tend to bleed under certain temperatures.

Luster Dust


Great name, right? Also known as petal dust, it’s a powdered sprinkle/sugar that’s best used for giving cakes or cupcakes an extra shine. It works really well with fondant’s smooth surface or blended into buttercream or mousse for a deep hue. 



These are on the larger end of sprinkles but come in different sizes. They’re mostly used for adorning wedding and event cakes and are applied one by one very delicately. 

Edible Glitter

Trend Hunter

Super flaky and extra shiny, these delicate sprinkles practically dissolve upon tasting, but when applied in excess they make for a great visual. Great on buttercream, whipped cream, and mousse.