5 Vodka Drinks For Your Next Party

Vodka is one of the most diverse liquors on the market. Thanks to its ability to be mixed in many ways, it has stolen the heart of booze-lovers across the globe for many, many years.

Once a vodka recipe is mastered, it's timeless. Though may be an acquired taste, that doesn't limit its party-serving potential.[realted]

If you are feeling eager to channel your inner mixologist, serve fantastic cocktails, and host a party your friends will love, mixing up a round of classic vodka cocktail is a great place to start.

Here are five vodka cocktails for your next party.

Bacon, Vodka, and Tomato

Bacon and booze lovers, rejoice! This is a hearty, thick cocktail for meat-loving party goers of all kinds. Click here to check out the recipe.


Lemon Basil Martini

With only three ingredients, this cocktail will take minutes to prepare. Try this lemony and herbal spin off of the classic martini by preparing this recipe for your guests.


Spiced Ginger Milk Tea Vodka Martini

Appeal to your guests' sweet tooth by preparing a batch of spiced ginger martinis. It's unique and it will keep things exciting. Take a look at the recipe here.


Spumante-Vodka Cocktail with Lemon Sorbet

Stump your post-summer slump and get your guests in a tropical mindset with this lemon sorbet vodka cocktail. Click here for the recipe.


Vodka Soda

It's easy to make, it's tasty, and its calorie count is low. This classic cocktail will please everyone. Try making the recipe here.