Birthday Party Ideas For Kids Who Love The Kitchen

When you are in the kitchen, is your little one always right on your heels? She or he always want to help you in the kitchen, soliciting little bites of this and that and asking you questions about what you're whipping up.Your little sous chef deserves a party that supports his or her interests in the kitchen. There are a ton of ways to throw a "cooking" party that will make your favorite kitchen helper smile, all while helping to cut down on party prep! Check out these delicious kids birthday party ideas:

Customized Cupcakes
What do kids love more than getting their hands dirty? Have them get messy and creative and let them decorate their own cupcakes! Before guests arrive, bake enough cupcakes and let them cool. Provide kids with an array of frosting colors, sprinkles, and candies to make an adorable cupcake they'll be proud of! The best part? Stick a few candles in them before they dive in and your party activity transforms into your child's birthday cake!

Decorate Cookies
Before little ones arrive, bake sugar cookie cutouts and allow them time to cool. Provide kids with royal icing and decorative candies so they can decorate the cookies and you'll have a sweet party activity that doubles as a party favor!

Pizza Party
Don't order pizza for your little ones' birthdays. Instead, make a simple dough and let them go to town topping it with sauces, cheeses, and their favorite vegetables. Bake them up and you'll have the perfect party food!