14 Birthday Cakes Your Kids Will Never Forget

Children's birthday parties are the happiest days made up of presents, laughter, lots of attention, the best party food, endless games, and, most importantly, a birthday cake. This day is the one day of the year when every child deservedly garners all his or her family and friends' attention, and is wonderfully spoilt with presents, a party, and the cake of his or her dreams.

14 Birthday Cakes Your Kids Will Never Forget (Slideshow)

It's likely that your little one spends weeks (or maybe even months) planning and plotting what theme his or her birthday party is going to be, who will be invited, and, of course, what cake to demandingly request of you this year. Whether it takes you a week to bake and decorate the impossible request, or costs you more than you had budgeted for to buy from the specialty bakery on the other side of town, it will be worth every second and every dollar when you see the smile on your child's face when he or she realizes that you have made all those edible birthday dreams come true. A birthday cake made (or ordered) with love is something that your child will not stop talking about for weeks afterwards, and will reminisce about it for every birthday thereafter.

Whether your little boy is having a pirate-themed party and therefore wants a complex pirate ship cake, or your little girl wants her favorite Disney princess to be brought to life in beautiful sparkly, pastel colors, one thing you can be sure of is that kids are never going to request a simple vanilla cake with minimal buttercream and no frosting. They'll want something over the top, made in their favorite flavor (probably chocolate), and they want to make sure it will wow all their friends. Creating this dream cake may sound like a nightmare, but it will be worth every second of it when you see how thrilled they are as the wondrous cake is carried towards them with candles glowing on top.

Whatever birthday cake you make, make sure you don't hold back on chocolate, sprinkles, frosting, or candy. Now is not the time to exercise restraint: Allow them all the sugar they want on this cake just for one day of the year. The kids will be all smiles when they see the sweet creation, will be amazed by the colorful decoration and details, and will be licking icing off their lips and asking for another slice before you've even had a chance to try a piece yourself.

These 14 birthday cakes are certain to thrill every child, and they'll be reminiscing about them even when their 50th birthday rolls around.