Make the Perfect Ice Cream Bar

The trick: Choose your toppings wisely, shake them up, and then move fast
How to Make the Perfect Ice Cream Bar

Kate Petridi of Magnum Ice Cream shows us how to create the perfect ice cream treat for summer. Produced by Jessica Chou.

Perfect Ice Cream Bar | Video
Jessica Chou

Ice cream bars might be a hassle to make (with plenty of freezing, refreezing, and all that jazz), but there is no better crowd-pleaser on a hot day. And while fruit pops might be a bit easier to pull off, nothing really beats chocolate-coated ice cream.

We popped by the Magnum lounge at the Cannes International Film Festival a couple of weeks ago and checked out their Make Your Own Magnum Bar setup, where customers chose their ice cream, toppings, and chocolate for a customized summer treat. And "Head Pleasure Maker" Kate Petridi was on hand to demonstrate just how to make a perfect ice cream bar.

Some tips? Keep your ice cream cold (they keep it at -4 degrees Fahrenheit) and the chocolate at just the right temperature (50 degrees Fahrenheit). The ice cream shouldn't be too soft, and the chocolate should be pure chocolate, melted down slowly and kept from burning.


As for the toppings, experiment with salty and sweet combinations (sea salt and dark chocolate? A solid winner in our book) as well as spicy (chile) or floral (rose). Set out little bowls of toppings for your next summer party and let party-goers dip and top their own ice cream bars. Maybe have them watch the how-to video above for a little technique lesson, first.