Why Your Birthday Party Should Be BYOB

You can have it all, and more

Shutterstock/Steve Cukrov

You can have it all, and more.

Throwing a birthday party requires lots of preparation. As the host, you’re the disc jockey, the chef, and most importantly, the bartender. It’s expensive to stock a full bar, especially if you plan to give your guests options. If the majority of your time is spent serving drinks, then how much of a chance will you have to mingle? Buy yourself more time to socialize by requesting that each guest bring his or her own beverage.

The saying “the more the merrier” comes into play for your self-serve beverage station. The more guests you invite, the bigger variety of concoctions to serve. Here are three reasons why your birthday party should be BYOB.


Cut back on your entertainment budget. Liquor can be really expensive, especially if you’re creating more than one kind of cocktail.

Gift From Friends

You hit the jackpot, because there’s no way all your beverages will be consumed in one night. The best birthday present is a fully stocked bar courtesy of your friends.



Serving drinks to your guests can be time-consuming, leaving you no time to enjoy yourself or mingle with guests.