10 Champagnes That Won’t Break the Bank

Celebrate the best way, even if you’re on a budget

Just because it isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it isn’t good quality.

I’m a firm believer that wine drinkers don’t consume Champagne or sparklers from other regions often enough. That said, this is the time of year that people bust open some bubbly, typically on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Perhaps if everyone knew that nice, well-made, distinctive, and delicious Champagne can be bought without the possibility of endangering your mortgage or rent payment, they would drink it more often.

10 Champagnes That Won’t Break the Bank (Slideshow)

If you’ve got a reason to celebrate, why let the price of a bottle keep you from doing so? Everyone should be able to enjoy the bubbly whenever he or she wants to. Luckily, there are plenty of reasonably priced bottles available that allow you to do so.


Here are 10 Champagnes that you could celebrate with, serve at your holiday parties, or drink with a meal that won’t destroy your budget. Read on for budget-friendly bubbly, and get ready to pop those corks.