The Most Inspiring Food-Related Stories

The Daily Meal reports on some of the most captivating real-life stories

Some people set out to make another person’s day better.

These days, it seems as if it’s hard to scroll through newsfeeds or watch TV without feeling overwhelmed by a surplus of negative content. Of course, there are sad things happening around the world at any given moment, but because of its heightened coverage in the news and on social media, we often forget that good things are happening all around us too.

The Most Inspiring Food-Related Stories Gallery

Here at The Daily Meal, we cover a lot of product launches, pop culture news, food poisoning outbreaks, recalls and so forth, but from time to time we have the opportunity to share stories about people doing well by others. Take for example Dalton Shaffer, an 18-year-old pizzeria manager, who drove an epic three and a half hours to deliver a dying man his favorite pizza at 2:30 in the morning. Then, he simply turned around and made the trek back home because he had to work the next morning.


People like this give us faith in humanity. They remind us that there’s still love left in the world, whether the act of kindness was performed by an individual or big corporate company. After reading these anecdotes from the last couple years, we hope you can find it in your heart to pay it forward and do something nice for someone today, big or small. Without further ado, we give to you the most inspiring food-related stories.