Kindhearted Man Spends $1,300 Buying Ice Cream for Every Single Customer at Texas Shop

‘Mr. Gary’ walked into a Texas ice cream shop, paid for a water bottle and spent the next three hours buying ice cream

If you have disposable income, you might as well do something fun for strangers.

Cold treats, warm heart. Sweet Sammies — a small ice cream shop in Fort Worth — probably wasn’t expecting this when a man simply known as “Mr. Gary” walked in, bought a water bottle, and proceeded to stay for two and a half hours, buying ice cream for everyone who walked in. From 7:30 to 10:00 p.m., “Mr. Gary” stood behind the counter and bought every stranger’s cone, cup, and treat — $1,300 worth — until closing.

The dessert donor’s original plan was to stop at $100, but when he began interacting with customers, he changed his mind.

“He stood here all night and bought everyone’s ice cream until we closed,” Sweet Sammies owner Kory Close told CBS Dallas.

So how did the good deed marathon start? Sammies manager Darell Cook said that at the beginning of the night, Mr. Gary ran into the shop and asked them to validate a ticket so he’d get out of paying a $20 fine for parking on the street. After they helped him out, he decided to stay and pay it forward.

Mr. Gary shook hands and exchanged hugs with customers the entire night, and at the end he was “rewarded” with a seven-foot-long receipt, marking the length of his random good deed. Before he left, the anonymous man gave each shop worker a $100 bill.


“[This proves] a little more gratitude for each other goes a long way,” Close told CBS.