A Man’s Love Notes Lead to the Most Romantic Proposal at an Airport Starbucks

Austin Mann and Esther Havens first met in 2008

Mann would hide his love notes typically taped under tables or in cushions.

Austin Mann and Esther Havens can often be found traveling the world because of their busy careers as photographers, but they still managed to make a love connection at a Starbucks in an airport in Amsterdam.

So when it came time for Mann to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he couldn’t think of a better place than that exact location.

According to Starbucks, a few years after they had met but before they started dating, Mann realized Havens would be passing through the Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport days after him, so he decided to leave her a note at Starbucks and texted her a riddle to help her find it.

The romantic game continued and the couple left notes for each other at stores all over the world.

On top of their relationship having been sparked at Starbucks, Havens, her mother, sister-in-law, and brother have also worked for the company, which made it the perfect place for Mann to propose.

Mann started off by telling all of the baristas at the Schiphol Starbucks of his plan and showing them pictures of Havens.

“They were all very excited,” he said. “I gave them my iPhone 7 Plus to take video and got a Starbucks bag, poked a hole in it and put another iPhone shooting video in it on a table next to where I was going to propose.”

Despite a mishap when Havens found herself on the wrong side of security and thought she wasn’t going to make it, the proposal ended up being successful.

Havens was directed to the bar to pick up a preordered drink, and saw Mann waiting for her with a ring and bouquet of flowers.


“One of the things about marrying Austin is it’s going to be an adventure,” Havens said. “We’ve both lived our lives that way.”

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