ihop act of kindness
RiverNorthPhotography / istockphoto.com

IHOP Waitress' Small Act of Kindness 'Thrills' Man With Down Syndrome

The customer’s name was Captain America
ihop act of kindness
RiverNorthPhotography / istockphoto.com

The customer received a special surprise.

An IHOP waitress in Texas has made one superhero very happy. Following a doctor’s appointment, Dwayne Roach visited the breakfast chain in Abilene with his family. When their server Millie Young approached the table, he immediately became fixated on her nametag. Roach’s sister Regina Thomason says her 50-year-old brother, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome, has a thing for badges and name tags.

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Yesterday - after a Dr.’s appointment - we went to IHOP in Abilene. Dwayne immediately noticed the waitress’s name tag...

Posted by Regina Thomason on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

“He told the waitress that he liked her name tag and then told her that his name is ‘Captain America,’” Thomason wrote on Facebook. Before they left the restaurant, Young returned with a special gift for Roach — a personalized nametag that read “Captain America.” Thomason says her brother was thrilled. Their mother, Regina Thomason, was also present that day, and later spoke to a local news outlet about it.

“That really made his day,” she told the Fox affiliate. “She was very kind to do that.” She’s not sure why her son refers to himself as Captain America, but says he used to introduce himself as John Wayne. As for Young, she’s just happy she made her customer smile.

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