Viral Kit Kat Guy's Candy Bar Proposal Is the Sweetest Thing Ever

The internet wanted his girlfriend to dump him, but he bounced back instead

Kit Kat played a huge role in this couple's engagement.

In May, an unsuspecting man set fire to social media when he was lambasted by his girlfriend for biting into a Kit Kat bar instead of breaking off a piece as the slogan suggests. Cries of “dump him” and “call 911” rang out from every corner of internet, but while Twitter and the like were having hissy fits, Evan Wilt and Kit Kat maker Hershey were brewing up the sweetest proposal.

“I was shocked at how passionate people were about eating a candy bar,” Wilt told The Daily Meal of the initial fiasco. “It was very bizarre. But it was also fun to see so many funny and interesting reactions. Some people were pretty mean, but you have to be able to laugh at yourself.”

The original tweet, which Wilt’s girlfriend, Haley Byrd, posted to Twitter, went viral almost instantly.

“’I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a Kit Kat before,’ my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS,” she wrote alongside a photo of the mutilated candy.


Hershey wanted in on the laughs, so they reached out to brainstorm some sort of collaboration. Wilt let them in on the secret that he was planning to propose soon, so they decided to do something no one has ever done before “without going too crazy.”

On July 3, Wilt got down on one knee in front of the Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C., where he and Byrd are both reporters. This time, he broke the Kit Kat bar the traditional way — except this time, it was a mere 3D-printed version of the confection, and it contained a diamond ring.

kit kat engagement

Penjari Photography

kit kat engagement

Penjari Photography

kit kat engagement

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"She was very surprised, because she had no idea I was talking to Hershey — she thought the whole Kit Kat debacle was long over,” Wilt said. “She was even more stunned when we got back to my house that night where our friends were there for a surprise engagement party. Kit Kat provided the cake. It was delicious.”

Wilt mocked his fiancée’s tweet with a little rendition of his own. Accompanied by photos of the proposal — with the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument as the backdrop — he wrote, “’I don’t think I’ve ever proposed before,’ I said before doing THIS. Sorry folks, @byrdinator is forever taken.”

But Byrd says, “He still doesn’t know how to eat a Kit Kat.”

The to-be-married couple, who met reporting on Capitol Hill, don’t have a wedding date set just yet, but Wilt says, “the sooner, the better.” No word on whether or not Kit Kat will be involved in their special day. For fun tidbits about the crunchy chocolate snack and other popular confections, check out these surprising facts about your 20 favorite candy brands.