25 Decadent Foods We Love

You won’t be able to turn down these indulgent dishes this holiday season
Boozy Eggnog for Two

Tony Abou-Ganim gives his recipe for a simple eggnong with a kick

25 Decadent Foods We Love


Serve decadent appetizers, like these mini cheese balls, at your holiday parties.

We can’t help but find ourselves starry-eyed during the holidays with all the decadent food that is prepared. Just as soon as Thanksgiving is over, we are already gearing up for the next round of holidays that each come with their own set of rich, flavorful dishes.

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Impress guests with dishes like a phyllo wrapped beef Wellington, fry your latkes in duck fat, or add just a hint of south-Asian flavor to your fruitcake with our Garam Masala infused reboot. Enjoy these rich foods now before your New Year’s resolutions have you swapping decadent dinner parties for juice cleanses and superfood binges.

To celebrate our favorite dishes to indulge on this holiday season, we have rounded up 25 recipes that showcase why so many of these foods only appear on the dining room table once a year. From labor-intensive baked goods, like the Italian-style fruitcake, panettone, that takes time and skill to prepare to savory spiced ham that requires careful attention, we have compiled the best in decadent holiday foods to try this year.

Each of these recipes includes flavorful touches, like the addition of spices, herbs, and lots of butter to make them that much more perfect for your next special occasion or holiday feast.

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