21 Slow Cooker Recipes For Christmas

The holidays often spin quickly out of control. The added pressure of tending to work, friends, and family means that planning and cooking your Christmas menu can get pushed to the side, but this year don't get bogged down in the details. Instead, rely on a lazy cook's greatest asset — the slow-cooker — to get you through holiday cooking with ease.

21 Slow Cooker Recipes for Christmas Gallery

Appetizers, drinks, sides, entrées, and desserts can all be executed beautifully using only your slow cooker or Dutch oven. To make this no-fuss dinner run smoothly, plan out what dishes you want to cook. Then compile all the ingredients you will need in an organized grocery list.

While slow cookers free up time by unchaining you from the stove, they do require more minutes cook, so head to grocery store early to beat the crowds and ensure that you have plenty of time to allow your slow cooker recipes to develop plenty of delicious holiday flavor and spices. These recipes will take you from cocktail hour and appetizers to sides and the dessert table without so much as an extra pan, so don't wait a minute longer — read on for 21 great slow cooker recipes for Christmas.

Angela Carlos contributed to this story.