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cake pops
Make baking for others a family affair this Valentine’s Day with this easy-to-make cake pop recipe. You can dress up your cake pops with red and white sprinkles to make perfect gifts for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.
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Freshly grated zest and thin mandarin slices do double duty as edible decoration for this irresistibly versatile cake. Blanching the citrus slices removes their inherent bitterness and makes them tender.
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This is a crustless, light verison of an Italian cheesecake. I find that baking it a day in advance and refrigerating it is not only convenient, but it also makes cutting a bit easier. Ricotta cake goes beautifully with an kind of berry.
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Recipe created by celebrity chef Art Smith and shared as part of the PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese and No Kid Hungry national partnership.
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You don't have to wait until the holiday season for your share of gingerbread cake. This easy recipe will have you enjoying it year-round. 
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  We love this recipe because we think it’s an easy way to serve fish to a crowd during one of your summertime gatherings. Throw together the salmon cakes the night before and reheat them quickly in the oven — or even on the grill — just before serving. 
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Carrot Cake
Harrison Keevil, executive chef at Brookville Restaurant in Charlottesville, Va., used this recipe, along with pound cake, when making his own wedding cake. Click here to see Should I Make My Own Wedding Cake?
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Tiramisu Cake
In my family, the cooking is left to the ladies in our home kitchen and the baking is left to my father, at our pastry shop. Ergo, when it came time to decide upon a recipe I chose a cake to test my own baking chops, with just a little bit of help. Classic tiramisu is made usually in a sheet pan or a glass casserole dish so the sponge is left to soak. However, in this instance, our rendition is dressed up a bit, in a cake form to make it easier to slice and serve. This version is still rich in espresso essence and holds truth to its Italian handle.
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In the Raw
Stevia In The Raw Bakers Bag helps make this festive cake a healthier dessert option by replacing half the sugar and cutting 200 calories.This recipe is courtesy of In the Raw.
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This twist on a ginger cake incorporates Tabasco and cinnamon and delivers a perfectly spiced dessert.Click Here for 15 Ways to Use Tabasco at Your Barbecue
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pound cake
Harrison Keevil, executive chef at Brookville Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA., used this recipe, along with carrot cake, when making his own wedding cake.Click here to see Should I Make My Own Wedding Cake?
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Lemon Cake
Don't let the simple title deceive you. This lemon cake is something truly special. Served with a custard with Kaffir orange and lime and a simple sugar syrup that's poured on top right out of the oven, this simple yet elegant dessert will have your guests coming back for more (and of course, asking for the recipe). See all cake recipes. Click here to see Bringing a French Revolution to the Home Cook's Kitchen.
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