The Fastest Mashed Potatoes You’ve Ever Made

Mashed potatoes so simple, you will be making them all year
The Fastest Mashed Potatoes You’ve Ever Made


These creamy mashed potatoes require less time and cleanup to make than mashed potatoes made using a traditional masher.

Put down the hand masher and forget about the potato ricer because these smooth, quick mashed potatoes can be made using only one pot and a hand mixer.

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During the holidays, your mashed potato-making skills are tested as you make these fluffy, white potatoes for family dinners. While delicious, these creamy potatoes are generally a pain to make. If you are anything like me, you are always looking for a short cut to make this side dish favorite a little easier to make. Thankfully, and we have the solution.

To simplify your life, we offer this easy mashed potato hack. First, peel and dice your potato into small, roughly even pieces. This will help the potatoes cook faster. Then, cook your potatoes starting in warm water, so they will boil faster.

Once your potatoes are cooked through, (you can test this by inserting a pairing knife into a potato, if it slides off on its own, the potatoes are done) drain the water. Then, return the potatoes to your pot, and heat some milk in the microwave until warm. (Use your favorite potato recipe for measurements or check out one of ours by clicking here.)

Add the milk, a knob of room temperature butter, salt, and pepper. Using your hand mixer, blend the potatoes until smooth and creamy. Then, adjust the seasonings to taste, and serve in a warm bowl to a room of delighted guests.

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