Keri Johnson

Washington State
Western Washington University
Food History & Culture, Travel, Health And Wellness
  • Keri is a freelance writer and ghostwriter with a background in education and language learning. She speaks Spanish and Italian and has spent her adult life living abroad.
  • She lived in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, for 20 years, where she immersed herself in Mexican culture and cuisine. Living in Mexico taught her the art of the perfect taco, the right way to cut a mango, and that limes are the cure for everything.
  • For several years, she lived in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, where she pestered her nonna with cooking questions while learning everything from cheese and pasta making to growing the perfect tomato.


Keri started freelance writing as a ghostwriter helping non-native English speakers tell their stories. As a former English teacher, she has worked with learners from all over the world. From her international students, she learned the beauty of the Chinese hot pot, the secret to good German sauerkraut, and how to make the perfect Vietnamese banh mi. Her passion is exploring language and culture through food.


Keri has a B.A. in History from Western Washington University and a TESOL certificate from Eastern Washington University. As a lifelong learner, she regularly participates in culinary classes and writing workshops to expand her knowledge and skillset.
Stories By Keri Johnson