11 Reasons Why Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Are our Favorite Food-Loving Celebrities

A love of cupcakes and cookies lies at the foundation of this celebrity friendship

11 Reasons Why Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Are our Favorite Food-Loving Celebrities

The friendship between Taylor Swift and Blake Lively has always been inevitable. When they first declared their relationship as BFFs on Instagram in December, we all rejoiced. Finally, these two stunning stars realized what we’d known for years: They have everything in common. Their friendship was certified as official when Blake baked a birthday pumpkin pie for Taylor, topped with figurines of Taylor’s cats — Olivia and Meredith — which she obviously immediately posted on Instagram, stating “Blake wins at birthday pie.” Their mutual love of baking is what really united these two stars.

All About Balance

Cookie Dough

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These two celebrities both have a realistic approach to food. They don’t follow fad diets, and don’t starve themselves. Blake Lively keeps a balanced diet by counteracting chocolate fudge sundaes with kale, apple, and beet juice. Taylor stays healthy during the week, and eats whatever she wants over the weekend. But in case she has a sudden sugar craving, she always has cookie dough in the fridge, because, as she says, “I’m that girl.”

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Birthday Party Hosts

Blake and Taylor throw their own birthday parties. Obviously they are most concerned with the centerpiece: the birthday cake. Blake Lively always bakes hers herself. Usually it’s a layered vanilla sponge cake, frosted with vanilla buttercream, and decorated with sprinkles and sparklers. Taylor, however, entrusts her celebratory cake to the professionals at Momofuku Milk Bar, and buys their classic, layered, funfetti birthday cake.

Endless Baking

These two food-loving celebrities are both avid bakers. Blake says she bakes “too often,” and that the only reason she’d ever be up at 4 a.m. would be because she was baking. Taylor loves making a batch of cookies whenever she has a quiet evening at home, especially in winter when she douses all her baked goods in warming spices.

Entertaining From Home

Both Blake and Taylor are perfect dinner party hosts. Blake Lively’s kitchen has been christened the “Blakery” by her well-fed husband, because of the amount of tasty treats that are always being pulled out of the oven. Taylor Swift has a few staple dishes she serves whenever she’s entertaining: If you are lucky enough to be invited over for dinner, you’ll probably be served Ina Garten’s mustard-roasted fish, or chicken and dumplings, or maybe even pasta with lemon and Parmigiano-Reggiano. And if it’s the Fourth of July, she’ll definitely be celebrating with Garten’s flag cake.

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Extravagant Meals Out

These two celebrities don’t always lock themselves away in the kitchen — they love eating out too. Blake Lively says the best meal in the world is truffle pappardelle at Scalinatella in New York, and Taylor Swift is often seen eating pizza at New York’s L’asso, brunching at Sarabeth’s, or, if in Nashville, eating a stack of her favorite sweet potato pancakes at the Pancake Pantry.

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Homemade Birthday Cakes

There’s one way you’ll know when you’ve been accepted into Blake and Taylor’s squad: You’ll receive a homemade birthday cake. Taylor and Blake confirmed their friendship on Instagram when Blake baked a pumpkin pie for Taylor for her birthday, topped with figurines of Taylor’s cats, Olivia and Meredith. We’re sure that for Blake’s birthday, Taylor will be sending her famous chocolate cake to her, which she also made for supermodel Lily Aldridge’s birthday party.

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Indulgent Hot Drinks

Indulgent Hot Drinks

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You may think these two slim celebrities swear by green tea and black coffee as their hot drinks of choice, but you’d be wrong. Blake Lively drinks hot chocolate — her favorite comes from New York’s City Bakery and is topped with whipped cream — rather than coffee, and Swift is a not-so-secret fan of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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Pantry Filled With Baking Essentials


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While Gwyneth Paltrow’s pantry is filled with brown rice, nut milk, and lentils, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s essentials are rather different. Lively has all the cake-decorating tools you could dream of stashed in her kitchen, including edible lustre spray, and plenty of butter (she believes that “life is better with butter”), and Taylor Swift always has chocolate chips and M&M’s at the ready, in case an emergency cookie-baking session strikes.

Professional Food Fans

These celebrities aren’t so interested in what the latest detoxing diet is — they’re more interested in Joy the Baker’s latest cookie recipe. Taylor Swift cites Joy as her favorite food blogger, has tweeted Anne Burrell to thank her for her life-changing chocolate cookie recipe, and has even spent a day cooking with food legend Ina Garten. Food blogger Bakerella and Blake Lively also make a great celebrity baking pair: Blake hosted a cake pop party with Bakerella to perfect these tasty treats.

Skilled Bakers



Taylor and Blake aren’t lazy bakers — they’re not going to be seen with a box of brownie mix. Taylor Swift now writes her own cookie recipes, and Blake Lively is a seriously skilled cupcake decorator.

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Substantial Breakfasts

Eggs Benedict


Taylor and Blake are both big believers in eating a substantial breakfast. Neither of these girls reaches for a box of cereal in the morning, nor are they skipping this key meal. Taylor cooks herself buckwheat pancakes topped with eggs and ham, accompanied by a glass of orange juice. Blake Lively loves to spend lazy weekend mornings eating her all-time favorite breakfast dish, eggs benedict.

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