Barefoot Wisdom: Ina Garten Quotes to Live Your Life By

For many, Ina Garten’s name has become synonymous with a luxuriously easy and delicious lifestyle.

Ina Garten has imparted culinary wisdom from her Westhampton, New York-located kitchen and garden for decades — first with a specialty food store, then via critically-acclaimed cookbooks, and, since 2002, with her Food Network show, Barefoot Contessa.

Slideshow: Ina Garten Quotes to Live Your Life By  

For many, Garten’s name has become synonymous with a luxuriously easy and delicious lifestyle. Consistently cheerful, the chef never seems to break a sweat and always appears to enjoy every minute she spends cooking and prepping for her guests. She presents an aspirational existence that many acknowledge they long to embody (including 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon, not once but twice), and this influence extends well beyond the best way to plate crudités. When you think about it, Ina Garten gives her readers life advice of the best kind in the best possible way: tidbits of instruction on how to revel in the best life has to offer, delivered without judgment and often accompanying a glass of wine. 

We love the life Garten encourages us to lead so much, we’ve sussed out some of the very best slivers of wisdom she’s imparted over the years, and made a series of inspirational posters to get you through your day. So, grab a cold glass of chilled Sancerre Rouge, a couple pieces of bruschetta, and let Ina’s life lessons wash over you.

Always Bring the Party

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Be the fun you wish to see in the world.

Misery Hates Cookies

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