What Celebrity Moms Want for Breakfast-in-Bed

Find out what food-loving celebrity moms are hoping to get this Mother’s Day
Celeb Mom Mornings

Treat your mom like a celebrity with a star-worth breakfast-in-bed.

Mom, Mummy, Mama or Madre, whatever you call her, she deserves a big thank you this Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed is regarded as the most sybaritic Mother's Day idea and can be enjoyed by an A-lister as well as a cash-strapped mother.

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Bearing in mind the numerous bowls of Cheerios, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and poached eggs your mother has served up over the last year, doesn’t she deserve a treat? Surely there aren't many out there who haven’t earned, or wouldn’t relish, a rare, late lie-in bed followed by a delicious, home-cooked breakfast prepared by their little darlings.

If you're not a good chef, don't fret — even a slice of toast and a glass of orange juice is bound to be appreciated. The list of menu options is massive but if it is inspiration you require, we’ve gathered together ideas from celebrity moms for what they would like to get from their children this Mother’s Day.

Just make sure that cleaning up the kitchen is part of your master plan so mom gets a real break and has no dirty dishes to deal with after her treat. And, mind the crumbs.

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Giuliana Rancic
Guiliana Rancic
"I would love to have my husband Bill (host of Food Network's Kitchen Casino whip up his amazing pancakes or his steel cut oatmeal for me on Mother's Day. Our son, Duke, is a little young to cook on his own, of course, but he does like to get involved in the action and help dad."

— Giuliana Rancic, star of Giuliana & Bill on E! 

Margaret Zakarian

Maragret Zarkarian

"To be totally indulgent, a tray filled with freshly baked croissants, Debauve & Gallais chocolates, and a hot pot of rooibos tea would be perfection. Nothing beats acting like a kid with your kids. Oh, and I would definitely hope for a few of their favorite books on the tray as well so we could lay around and read together in bed.”


— Margaret Zakarian, President of Domaine Enterprises and wife of Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian


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