6 Different Ways to Make Eggs Benedict Slideshow

Crab Cake Benedict

Skip the meat next time you make eggs Benedict and serve it on a savory crabcake for a taste of the sea. 

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Delmonico's Eggs Benedict

Legend has it that it was at this iconic New York City steakhouse that the first order of eggs Benedict appeared. Whether or not it is the truth, the restaurant still serves the dish in full fashion, with elegant touches like caviar and a brioche bun. 

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Eggs Benedict Waffle

In this recipe, the traditional English muffin is replaced with waffles, and the dish is given a fresh bite with the addition of asparagus. 

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The Perfect Eggs Benedict


While the dish's history is muddled, it doesn't take away from the fact that it's delicious. To make the perfect one, you have to remember the four components of the dish: the bread, the meat, the egg, and the sauce. As long as you follow the basic principles behind each of these, you can create any type of eggs Benedict you crave — just make sure it has hollandaise. 

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