Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler from Celebrity Cocktails: Famous BFFs & Their Signature Drinks (Slideshow)

Celebrity Cocktails: Famous BFFs & Their Signature Drinks (Slideshow)

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Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler

These ladies make no secret of their infatuation with vodka, and we love them for it. Their brand of fun seems to be sipping martinis on the beach in Cabo or cracking jokes about the silly feuds the tabloids dream up for them. However, these two have a couple of the best bodies in the business, so it’s hard to imagine them slinging back anything too sugary. 


Jennifer and Chelsea Bikinitini

Here's a recipe for a no-sugar-added mint mango martini perfect for Jennifer and Chelsea. The fruit is fresh, and it tastes like a boozy smoothie, so mix one up and play like it's healthy. 


George Clooney and Brad Pitt

Despite being two of the highest-paid men in Hollywood, Brad and George have pretty simple tastes when it comes to alcohol. George is a whiskey man, and Brad sticks to beer.


The Oscar Bait

This cocktail marries the gents' favorite drinks with a touch of muddled basil, so it's a manly concoction with a touch of glam, perfect for Lake Como Clooney and his sidekick, Mr. Jolie-Pitt. 


Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland

Destiny's children seem like pure sass and class, so it’s hard to picture them drinking anything less than the finest champagne perched on velvet couches in the VIP section of the VIP section. If tabloid reports are true however, Bey and Key were recently spotted in a Miami karaoke bar knocking back Long Island Iced Teas and dueting with the locals, which makes them seem even more amazing — if that’s possible. 


The Forgot My Name

This cocktail classes up a traditional Long Island, making it Independent Woman-worthy. (Caution: this drink is dangerous and should be reserved for only the biggest celebrations, like nights when Queen Bey releases a surprise album on iTunes.)


Jay Z and Kanye West

These dudes are all business all the time, from their dapper clothes to their flawless lyrics. Even drinking is business to these boys: Jay has his own line of cognac, D’Ussé, while Kanye reps Hennessey. 


The Run This Town (One Serving)

This cocktail is as sophisticated and smooth as Jay Z rapping in an art gallery, but the addition of fresh orange juice and bitters makes it as fun as a Kanye West Twitter rant about the importance of fresh flowers.  

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Celebrity Cocktails: Famous BFFs & Their Signature Drinks (Slideshow)

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