Joy the Baker Really Likes Drake’s Lyrics

Joy the Baker has created our favorite-ever Instagram account: Drake on Cake

Joy the Baker is so obsessed with Drake’s lyrics, she's started piping them on cookies and cakes

Drake on Cake is easily our favorite Instagram account of the moment. Launched in December by blogger, cookbook author, and Drake fan, Joy the Baker, this Drake on Cake Instagram account combines our two favorite things: Drake and cake.

You probably know Joy the Baker as the brilliant New Orleans-based blogger, who spends her days creating the most amazing breakfasts, brunches, pies, and brownies, writing best-selling cookbooks, making videos for her YouTube channel Bonkers Awesome, and hosting podcasts. Well, now Joy has branched out even further, by launching the supremely popular Instagram account Drake on Cake.


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Drake on Cake does exactly what you would imagine: It transposes rapper Drake into cake form by icing his lyrics on to cakes (and sometimes also cookies and pies). Joy refers to this new account as a “passion project,” which she had been thinking about starting for a while. She explained that she believes that “Drake lyrics lend themselves very well to cake messages,” so she didn’t need much persuading to unite her two favorite things, and transfer Drake’s talents into her professional medium: baked goods.


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In December, Joy finally brought this dream to life, to the excitement and happiness of many Drake and cake fans. Since launching, and despite only having posted 24 times, this account already has over 70,000 followers. It seems that Instagram posts that combine cake and Drake lyrics are too much for anyone to resist.


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Can we let you in a little secret? Joy doesn’t even make the cakes (although she does select the lyrics). She buys them from a nearby bakery or deli, and, if she doesn’t want to ice the lyrics on to the cake herself, she’ll persuade them to do that for her too. She then takes the cake home, styles the shot, takes the photo, and shares her newest creation with us all on Instagram. But even though we know that Joy hasn’t baked these cakes herself, these photos still remain our favorite-ever food and pop culture combination.