Bored of Birthday Cake? Try One of These Tasty Alternatives

There’s no law saying you have to celebrate your birthday with cake: Why not have a birthday pizza instead?
Cookie Pizza


Celebrate your next birthday with a chocolate cookie pizza.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, or if cake isn’t your favorite sugary treat, being forced to follow tradition and celebrate your birthday with a candle-topped layer-cake ever year can seem pretty tiresome. We’ve been celebrating birthdays with cake for centuries, so we think it’s high time we branched out and swapped the cake for some nonconformist edible birthday alternatives.

Bored of Birthday Cake? Try One of These Tasty Alternatives (Slideshow)

If you’ve got a savory tooth and resent being enticed to eat your non-favorite sugar sweets every year, then don’t be a victim any longer. Give up birthday cake and have something savory instead. As long as it’s got a candle in it, then it’s perfectly acceptable birthday fodder. How about a lox cream cheese breakfast bagel? Or why not end your special day with a bubbling birthday lasagna? Or a crispy topped, rich mac and cheese? A big plateful of molten, cheesy, carb-laden pasta is definitely appropriate birthday celebration material.

But maybe you don’t want to be so radical. Or your problem isn’t that birthday cake is sweet, but that you’ve had many birthdays, are fed up with cake, and would like to celebrate being another year older with something different. You could move away from the traditional cake in baby steps, perhaps starting with a brightly glazed, sprinkle-covered doughnut, or with a classic French crêpe cake. But if you’re feeling more radical, we recommend that you bake yourself (or get someone to bake you) a chocolate-doused cookie pizza. Or, if it’s too hot to consider that much chocolate, cool down with a snow cone with a candle sparkling on top.

Trade in the traditional birthday cake this year for one of these creative alternatives. It will please you to finally have a year’s break from another funfetti cake, will surprise your party guests, and will definitely be the most memorably birthday ‘cake’ you’ve ever had.

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