11 Reasons Why Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Are our Favorite Food-Loving Celebrities

A love of cupcakes and cookies lies at the foundation of this celebrity friendship

These two celebrities were always destined to be the best of friends.

The friendship between Taylor Swift and Blake Lively has always been inevitable. When they first declared their relationship as BFFs on Instagram in December, we all rejoiced. Finally, these two stunning stars realized what we’d known for years: They have everything in common. Their friendship was certified as official when Blake baked a birthday pumpkin pie for Taylor, topped with figurines of Taylor’s cats — Olivia and Meredith — which she obviously immediately posted on Instagram, stating “Blake wins at birthday pie.” Their mutual love of baking is what really united these two stars.

11 Reasons Why Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Are our Favorite Food-Loving Celebrities (Slideshow)

Just by looking at these overly-successful twenty-somethings’ Instagram accounts, and reading their multiple interviews, it’s clear that these two girls have more in common than their long legs, perfect hair, and celebrity status: They are both master bakers, and we love them more for that than for anything else. Both Blake and Taylor spend their days and evenings off at home, baking. They are both great believers in the magical healing properties of a batch of freshly baked cookies.

You’ll know when you’ve been accepted into Taylor and Blake’s squad when you receive a home-baked birthday gift from one of them. Only a few of their favorite people (besides each other) — Beyoncé, Penn Badgley, and Gigi Hadid to name a few — have ever been lucky enough to receive such treatment. While we’re waiting to join that ultimate cake-loving group, we’re going to imitate their food-lover habits, which are much more realistic than you may imagine. These girls manage the perfect equilibrium of healthy and indulgent, balancing cake with juice, and nutritious weekdays with sugar-filled weekends.

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With their homey baking Instagram snaps, our mutual love of Joy the Baker and Ina Garten, and the fact that they’d rather drink hot chocolate than coffee, it’s no surprise that we are totally obsessed with the sugar-filled lives of these two food-loving celebs.