Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum

Kleine Fleischergasse 4
Leipzig, Sachsen 04109
+49 341 9610060


  • Coffee has been served here since 1711 and its Germanys oldest coffee house. Dont miss to visit the museum!
  • Historic coffee shop from the 18th century, partly turned into a museum now. Interesting to wander through, but don't be fooled: It's a tourist trap and most likely the most expensive coffee in town.
  • Gute Atmosphre, leckeres Essen und ein interessantes Museum
  • Kein Handyempfang (E) drinnen.
  • Superteuer! Eine Tasse Milch (ohne Kaffee oder Tee!) fr 3,20 . x_x
  • Lecker Essen
  • Rumrolen (rum ball) is really good. The best I have ever had. Loved the tasse kaffee.
  • Loved the rumrolen (rum ball). The best I have had so far.. and great tasse koffee
  • Leider weder ein gutes Museum, noch hervoragender Kaffee...
  • Einspnner
  • Einspnner und Kleckselkuchen.
  • **** "Historic"
  • Coffee is great!
  • Quite nice selection of alcoholic coffee drinks.
  • Sehr gehobene Preise. Ein Bier fr 4,90, das hat in LE schon seltenheitswert
  • Touristic place, lives of it's reputation. Coffee specialities seem to be good, normal coffee does not. Cakes are huge but unfortunately too icy.
  • Just tourist trap with expensive standard coffee and bad cakes.
  • So bad service for that price. Coffe is not comeing with water, cake is so dry. I wouldnt come again.
  • The Espresso was ok. Nothing special! Expensive tourist spot. Espresso 2.95, small water 3.00, large beer 5.00, strudel 6,90!
  • The oldest coffee house in Europe. Try Strudel, it's amazing.

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