Yes! Organic Market

Row 1

2123 14th St NW (btwn V St & W St NW)
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 232-6603

Foursquare Tips

  • Wine tastings and decent selection of both beer & wine always bring a smile to my face! Not the place to shop if you're on a budget, but great for the organic-, health-, and vegetarian-/vegan-minded.
  • This isnthe best place to go to buy your protiens. Cheaper than Harris Teeter and Giant AND its organic. plus they are very friendly (a rarity in DC)
  • While everything here is usually fresh. check your fruit carefully.
  • Good selection of bulk grains and nuts.
  • Great selection, cramped aisles, prices aren't competitive, but good for last minute
  • Grab a vegan pie and share it at Meridian Hill Park with your friends!
  • Free 2 hour underground parking with a $10 purchase means be sure to check out Federal, Smucker Farms & a few other cool spots w/in a block or two w/o feeding a meter.
  • The selection here is seriously dismal, but hard to beat the location when you live upstairs...
  • They carry nutritional yeast unlike whole foods. Just thought I'd put that out there.
  • Watch the sale prices at the register, they have a habit of not updating them.
  • Yes! For a great selection of Organic/Locally sourced foods. Slightly more expensive than Harris Teeter and Giant but worth it!
  • The soap is considerably overpriced.
  • Nasty milk here, it went sour after 2 days ... Wth
  • Great wine selection here & usually a few bottles on sale. Decent sushi bar & coffee by the cup in the back. Practically everything costs 4.99 but I love this place.
  • Been loving all of the fresh vegetables at YES this winter. This week I purchased several sweet potatoes, red cabbage, and a bunch of kale. Used them for great lunches. The staff are great!
  • Cheap, awesome bulk oatmeal in the back.
  • Hoegaarden & lambic. Oh those Belgian Sunrises
  • Was hoping for better selection of grab and go lunch items
  • YES is one of my favorite places to shop. The staff is great. They always have some type of tasting going on. The wine tastings are AWESOM. I LOVE THEIR SOUPS!
  • Super nice crew and rarely a crowd.. Totally refreshing alternative to Whole Foods.

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