Yapple Yogurt

Row 1

3131 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221

Foursquare Tips

  • Fully rely on cool lighting.
  • Completely obliterates that playground next door.
  • The non-religious yogurt served in a sleek setting, where the AC actually works. Drizzle nutella on top - lovely.
  • My partner and I had lovely gay friendly yogurt here with two of our lovely homosexicle friends
  • WAY better than Sweet Frog and the inside is so sweet.
  • Stare at the lights. Yogurt optional.
  • Better than Sweet Frog! The original tart is great with mango!
  • I'm not sure what Taro is or why it's purple, but it sure is tangy!
  • Best yogurt! Way better yogurt and way better toppings then Sweet Frogs
  • Zen in a cup, pay by the pound.
  • Graham cracker crumbs makes any flavor better!
  • Hail Satan, this is some dank froyo.
  • Better and cheaper than Fully Rely on God yogurt! I am so happy we have Yapple!
  • Firstly I prefer my yogurt to be non religious. Secondly I love their fruit yogurt. Thirdly bubble tea <3.
  • The bubble tea is quite good and the place has a much nicer atmosphere than Sweet Frog.
  • Froyo wars ground zero. Get your game face on!
  • I'm kinda worried that one of these space chairs is going to lay an egg in my butt.
  • Flavors are better than sweet frog but sweet frog has better toppings
  • Raspberry and most of their fruit flavors are delicious. They said they make their own flavors with real fruit
  • They have Nutella flavored yogurt that is super fantabulously delicious!