Wins for Restaurants


Wins for Restaurants


More Cash to the Bottom Line

“A well run establishment, leads to great customer service, lower turnover and a decrease in controllable expenses.  It is exciting that technology is helping us run more efficiently which has resulted in higher profits.  It is no surprise that CheddrSuite was developed by real restaurant owners.  I mean, finally, someone who gets it!  And at less than $50 a month you can’t afford to not use this tool.” – Brandon Price, Bowl’d


If you have owned or managed a restaurant then you are familiar with the pain and expense that comes with most POS systems.  To acquire a system you are looking at approximately $20,000 to $40,000 depending on how many terminals, printers and back office applications you choose.  Before you simply add this to your startup expenses you will need to budget for upgrades, repairs, expensive customer support calls (don’t even think about calling outside of business hours if you want to see any profits for the month) and of course costly software updates that are not optional.  These expensive systems have bells and whistles but you should probably hire a statistician to create reports and interoperate the data.

Wins for Restaurants

The power of the POS companies to hold your business hostage have finally ended. You can walk into most big box office supply retailers and purchase a tablet and register drawer. Contact Square or alike company for payment processing and software downloads and you are ready to go.  The platforms are very easy to program and use.  You can shop Google to compare system capabilities and costs.

All Inclusive Restaurant Management Software SAAS

Another huge win for keeping cash in your pocket are software as a service (SAAS) management tools.  The days of having multiple tools to run your operation are gone.  We finally get an all in one solution with  This tool has it all, Scheduling, Inventory, Food Costing, Time Clock, Staff Management, Shift Log, Financial Analysis & Budgeting, Calendar and the ability to email and text your entire team from inside the tool! Oh and did we mention that it less than $50 a month!   If you are still not sure this is the best restaurant management tool available then start with their 30 day free trial and see for yourself the time and money you will save.

“It’s no surprise that CheddrSuite was developed by real restaurant owners.  I mean, finally, someone who gets it” – Brandon Price

Meat and Dairy Prices

We have seen some of the lowest prices on beef and pork in a long while, meaning those low margin plates just become high margin.  According to USDA.GOV “Price changes were affected by declining U.S. beef exports, which helped to increase the supply of beef on the U.S. market. This greater supply, along with weak beef demand, has placed downward pressure on retail beef prices.” Although most the costs we incur come for labor and rental expenses a decrease in food costs is a big win.

Third Party Delivery Options

Delivery when done by a third party takes the staffing and liability off the owner’s hands.  Restaurants that found a delivery service with responsible rates and a good delivery track record saw an increase in daily food sales and did not need to add to their payroll budget.  As more delivery service providers enter the market space and provide competition the rates are becoming more competitive and are coupled with marketing and promotions to a broad customer base.  Depending on your market there are outfits that will deliver for GrubHub and EatStreet restaurants so you can maximize both delivery and online ordering for pick up.

More Wins to Come…

The restaurant business can use some big wins.  The business operating environment is not always the friendliest and depending on what state your business is in can be all out hostile.  There are some great advances being made for those of us who love to cook and serve people in a welcoming and thoughtful space.  Of course taking a little money home at the end of the night is nice too.  Only time will tell if the political plans and promises to help business operators come to fruition at this point we will need to look to private enterprise to partner with to make our restaurants operate at their maximum potential.

Laurel Cadena
R.D. Solutions L.L.C.