What the Shrub Is a Drinking Vinegar?

From blog.ice.edu by Caitlin Gunther
What the Shrub Is a Drinking Vinegar?

By Jenny McCoy
 —Chef Instructor, School of Pastry & Baking Arts


Drinking vinegars, also known as shrubs, have become increasingly popular. Restaurants like Pok Pok NY in Brooklyn are now bottling drinking vinegars and selling them in grocery stores across they country. Even though not everyone knows about shrubs, drinking vinegar for health purposes has been done for a very long time.


Long ago, the Romans and Babylonians were mixing vinegar with water. The word “shrub” is derived from the Arabic word “sharbah,” which translates as “drink.” Even sailors from the 16th-18th centuries drank shrubs to prevent scurvy! Today, they are infused with every flavor one can imagine and lauded for their health benefits, some even claiming weight loss.

Shrub cocktails at Spoon University

Keep reading to discover Chef Jenny's method for making drinking vinegars and her recipes for shrub cocktails!