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1133 Thomasville Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32303



  • Go on a Thursday for science night!
  • Adam is my favorite bartender! Great atmosphere. The food is sooooo delicious (the Capri is my fav). Always a pleasant crowd. I feel like douche bags are repelled from here.
  • Best barfood in town.
  • If you havn't had a Capri with Italian dressing, you havn't lived in Tallahasse
  • Mmm... Waterworks, you my only friend.
  • You owe it to yourself to try the Capri sandwich. So delicious.
  • Bartenders that know their stuff. Go on, ask for their recommendation.
  • Lauren, Adam & Brittany are the best bartenders in town. The Institution on sat nite w DJ Evol Eno--best dancing ever!
  • Zombies are good, but try "The Old Man and the Sea" or a "Blue Hawaiian!"
  • This place is the best. Great cocktails. Amazing prices. I'm talking $4 whiskey sours. Great bartenders. Go.
  • Check out the live jazz on Monday nights.
  • Lauren is awesome!
  • Best bloody marys in town. Also they Brittany's pepperocini martini!!
  • But seriously, best bar in Tally. Best staff, music and drinks
  • Adam is a sweetheart. Lauren is sassy. And they will both settle scrabble debates while making tasty cocktails.
  • Great music, great atmosphere, great drinks, everyone should come in for a visit.
  • Ashley was great. Awesome drinks! Recommend the man at sea one!
  • Eat the foods, drink the drinks, dance the dances.
  • One of the only places in FL that can make a real Singapore Sling. They actually have cherry brandy!
  • Check out Jazz Night on Mondays for live jazz.

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