Walmart Supercenter

Row 1

4400 13Th St
Saint Cloud, FL 34769
(407) 957-1300
Big Box Store, Supermarket, Grocery Store
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • It you can get what you need anywhere else it's worth paying a little more to avoid the hassle of this place. I avoid it whenever I can.
  • This must be where they take those pictures of Walmart shoppers.
  • In the ghetto. On a cold and gray Chicago morning another little baby child is born. And his mama cries because is there one thing she doesn't is another little mouth to feed. In the ghetto.
  • 20 Items or Less is NOT an Express Checkout!
  • Went there tonight and had fireworks thrown at the building once I got in wtf I felt safe when they did nothing
  • Workers dont know anything, you ask them a question and the dumbfound looks on their faces says it all.
  • Its Walmart, how can one get
  • 26 registers and only 4 open. And employees are just walking around. Horrible management.
  • Every cart here is broken I looked at the carts for 15min.
  • Crazy amount of people
  • Disgusting all around
  • Rainy seasons coming so don't forget your umbrella!
  • Ir a cualquiera de los que abren 24h luego de las 10pm es muy tranquilo y sin colas
  • hate them all....
  • Never been to an auto care place as slow as this one. They should have beds in the waiting room.
  • Do NOT cash your jackson hewitt tax refund at the urban bank and trust if it is over 2000 dollars. They charge 2.6%. Take it to wells Fargo and they will only charge you 7 bucks.
  • Carts carts carts carts! Watch out now or they'll chew you!
  • Dont throw your plastic bags in the trash! Bring them back to this store for recycling next time!
  • duznt cash handwritten checks!
  • Generally well stocked just a little slow on new movie displays