Walmart Home Office

Office, Café, Pharmacy
702 SW 8th St (Walton Blvd)
Bentonville, AR 72716
(479) 273-4941


  • Originally the Walmart general office warehouse, the Walmart corporate office, located in Bentonville, Arkansas has since then expanded to 15 buildings and more than 11,000 associates.
  • mto bom compro sempre, e da certo!!
  • Get there early to find a parking spot
  • The Walmart Cafe is expensive and has mediocre food at best. If you're staying for lunch, stop by Bentoville Butcher just down Walton to grab a lunch special.
  • Did you know you can borrow a blue parking pass from security? Try it next time you have a meeting or class in another building.
  • Check out the pantry across from PMDC express. 1/2 the price of the vending machines near the cafe and better selection.
  • Super fast pharmacy service at the home office.
  • Come try the taste panel in the Old Annex cafe. We are here every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You opinion matters.
  • Coffee bar closes at 1:30!
  • If you are a pervert and like to grab asses in public; shop at Walmart. If the associate complains or re-actively slaps your hand away they will be written up!
  • went to the lavale, MD store to get 108 gift cards since they won't let me open a corporate account. They said they were too buy to help me. UNBELIEVABLE
  • Tried to open a corporate account. No one would bother to call me back. Is there criteria that disqualified me? Hospital based business with over 100 employees. Your loss
  • I love your stores. However a tip here more and better carts in the stores for up handicapped to ride -and better maintained. Love your prices and one stop shopping
  • No more air conditioners this year? Maybe you should check and see what Sears did wrong. I will get my air conditioner on line It is cheaper than yours, and it will be here tomorrow
  • Allen Shepherd Would like to let you people know that not;matching other stores price are very disappointing here in Bristol VA....I will turn to FOOD CITY stores .
  • Don't ever order online, customer for years, never again. Customer service sucks, my order should have been sent in 2 days has been over 10 days and my elderly cat died without her favorite food.
  • I was at store 04318 , the managers were talking andpeople with disabilities were standing 20 to 30 minutes in line
  • please help me out
  • no one here knows how to get them
  • need smiley sticker for my self check,

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