Row 1

6210 Annapolis Rd
Landover Hills, MD 20784
(301) 773-7848
Big Box Store, Supermarket
Mon–Sun: 6:00 AM–Midnight

Foursquare Tips

  • The worst walmart ever...they are always out of stock
  • Most ghettoist Wal-Mart, like my spelling!
  • Run! Save your time and money and go to the Walmart in Laurel. Majority of the staff is rude, disrespectful and have no idea what customer service means. And I don't even want to discuss the patrons..
  • I only come here when I need something and don't feel like paying for it
  • God help us if there is a worse store. Customer service horrible, stock horrible
  • This Walmart makes me think that if a disaster of Katrina-like proportions hit the area, nobody would miss these people.
  • Watch yo kids!!!
  • Very ghetto.
  • All I wanted was a jumbo pack of XL condoms, sum chocolate, & sum verde(wine); couldn't get nuthin!!!lmao smdh
  • Awww shucks!!! They fancy now with self checkout!
  • Never go here!!!!!!! This Walmart is that place in The Lion King where the light never touches.
  • I hate this WalMart. Worse one I've ever been in! 20 check out lines and 5 open.
  • Worst damn Walmart in the fuckin county!. Trifflin, name it..& the employees are no better!. -__-
  • Its hoodville usa...and english is a third language apparently..
  • This place is the worst
  • Never again. Never ever coming here again. Staff is fine but customers are horrible
  • All I need is lip gloss...check
  • I use to work here and yes they ghetto as hell.
  • My daughter and I call this place "Ghetto Wal-Mart." LOL
  • Always rude never enough registers open ... Never have what I need