Walking Man Brewing has began bottling Homo Erectus Imperial IPA

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Walking Man Brewing has began bottling Homo Erectus Imperial IPA

Homo Erectus 22oz Bottles

Across the river on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge, nestled into the small town of Stevenson, Walking Man Brewing has began bottling Homo Erectus Imperial IPA. A longtime favorite of Oregonians, Walking Man was once one of the most buzzed about gems of the local beer scene known for their big beers. Since the 2nd craft brewery boom of the mid aughts they have slowly slid behind the curtain. So it’s welcome news that they have begun bottling one of their most popular beers in Homo Erectus Imperial IPA and I hope we will see a return of Big Black Homo, one of the first transcendent CDA’s ever brewed by former Brewmaster Jacob Leonard now of Breakside Brewery.

More from the PR release:

Introduced in 2002, Homo Erectus quickly became a fan favorite while acquiring accolades within the craft beer community.  It has become one of the most sought after and recognizable beers in the Walking Man lineup.  At 9.0 ABV and 90 IBU this resinous brew has a smooth, rich, caramel malt body that masterfully harmonizes with the big, piney, citrus hop flavor. Brewed in celebration of being erect for two million years, Homo Erectus boldly represents this classic Northwest style.

After nearly fifteen years brewing in one of the most prestigious craft beer markets in the world, Walking Man Brewing is experiencing a revival of sorts.  With the addition of head brewer James Landers in April 2013, the brewery is focused on re-creating the original recipes that put Walking Man Brewing on the map. Implementing additional quality assurance procedures and updating brewing processes, he maintains their integrity as a true micro-brewery with each small batch of craft beer.

“James is brewing the beer I love to drink,” said owner and brewmaster Bob Craig.  “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your creations enjoyed by so many fans after all these years.  I’m proud of how he is carrying out my vision.”


Assistant Brewer Emily Albaugh takes a sip from the first bottle

Walking Man Brewing plans to release additional beers in limited specialty runs as brewery production allows. After launching their draft lineup back into the Puget Sound market through a new partnership with Alpha Distributing in January, Lander’s and assistant Emily Albaugh are working diligently to keep up with the demand.  With 1500 barrels projected for 2015, they plan to share every drop they can humanly craft.

“Homo Erectus is the beer that made me a fan of Walking Man well before I started making it. Putting it in bottles and making it more accessible to our fans is a pretty amazing feeling.  We look forward to bottling more Homo Erectus and possibly putting some of our other popular beers into bottles in the near future,” Lander’s said.


About Walking Man Brewing

A pioneer in the Columbia River Gorge, Walking Man Brewing crafted it’s first beer in 2000. Garnering medals and honors in some of the top beer competitions in the world, it has long since become a destination for beer enthusiasts from around the globe.
The brewery and brewpub is located at 240 SW 1st Street in Stevenson, Washington. To learn more contact Tabatha Wiggins at (509) 427-5520,  or visit www.walkingmanbeer.com.


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