Vineland Drive-in Theater

Indie Movies, Movie Theater, Cineplex
443 Vineland Ave (at Valley Blvd)
Industry, CA 91746


  • This is by far the most social way to see movies. The screen and sound aren't the best, but of you just want to curl up with your honey, or see a movie without having to pay a babysitter, this is it!
  • I'm here all night if you need a jump start... #honkattheendofthemovie
  • Dogs are welcome here!
  • Open 7 days a week and playing new releases this is a great way to switch up your boring dinner and a movie date routine. Go old school and take her to a drive in.
  • Park next to people bc crack heads start rolling in half way through the first movie
  • Perfect place for the fam and their doggies to spend an evening watching movies
  • It's a little dirty b/c it's also a swap meet, but I got to see 3 diff. movies on the same screen on Sat. Nite. Don't buy the burger, no matter what the lady at concessions say. It's flavorless.
  • Love making it a family night with our doggy too :-)
  • Will jump your car if you need it... Here today 3/30/13.... Look for a white sign on the back of my window... Don't let the Vineland Nazi call the tow truck on you....
  • Take the super offer where you get large popcorn and two large drinks with free refills.
  • Great date night
  • Been coming here for over 10 years... ;)
  • Only go here if you have a really good radio! Other wise during the entire movie it sounds like someone's popping popcorn in your car
  • $8.50 per person and kids $2 - a great deal.
  • As of January 21st, 2011, the adult admission price went up to $8.50. Still a damn good deal for a first-run double (or triple) feature.
  • Good spot to take young kids who can't sit still. My sons are 4, 6 and 12 and being in the car they can make all the noise they want and move all they want. It was perfect.
  • $9 for 2 movies....can't beat that....
  • Cheaper than a regular theater.. Is a bit far though
  • The people "working" in the snack bar are rude as hell.. And they're popcorn tastes like something I burned in my microwave. NOT WORTH IT... Bring your own food..
  • Cold night!!! But nice to watch !! With family n friends

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