Caspersen Beach Park

4100 Harbor Dr.
Venice, FL 34285
(941) 861-5000


  • I have personally found 100's of fossilized sharks teeth here. You don't need anything except your eyes to find them once you know what you are looking for.
  • We had a great beach trip until we decided to go for a walk on the beach and came back to a picture of a mans penis on our blanket!!! The police advised us this was a known thing at this beach!
  • Sharks tooth capitol of the world. Grab your florida snowshovel and start hunting...
  • Excellent for fossil hunting! Shark teeth, ray and parrot fish mouth plates, turtle shell, and bone shards abound! If you're lucky you may even happen upon to occasional bit of sea glass.
  • Nice family beach with plenty of room. Best place to search for shark teeth!
  • Nice pavilion away from the crazies on the beach!
  • Great place for a beachside stroll! We spotted many turtles along our walk on the boardwalk.
  • Perfect spot to find sharks teeth
  • Go at low tide and bring a colander or something like it to hunt for shark's teeth. Found about 30 today
  • Watch yourself on the rocks. If you should fall and cut yourself, please know the cut may react to the bacteria off the rocks and you may develop an infection.
  • This is a beautiful beach. You can walk south for a long time and view the lush natural landscape. There are a lot rock formations in the beach area closest to parking area.
  • Shark teeth are close to shoreline. Don't waste time in the surf looking since they are so close.
  • Good shark tooth hunting.
  • It's not a question of will you find shark teeth, rather it's how many shark teeth will you find (usually a lot)
  • Dig in the shells along the surf for fossilized sharks teeth.
  • Its a beautiful place I spend a lot of time there
  • Great natural setting and many shark tooth fossils

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