Movie Theater
Freeport Leisure (off Charter Way)
Braintree, Essex CM77 8YH
+44 871 200 2000


  • Get an Unlimited Card and see as many films as you like for just 14.99 per month - 2 visits to Cineworld and it pays for itself. Perfect for all-day movie marathon sessions.
  • Cineworld Braintree does Bargain Tuesday tickets. Come to the cinema on any Tuesday and get cut-price entry.
  • Watch the mutants argue with each other while you are trying to watch the film
  • Now with allocated seating!
  • If you love cinema get unlimited card
  • Nice cinema pity about the disgusting way a supervisor spoke to a member of staff!
  • Make sure when you go to the luxurious cineworld, that you stop in the freeport outlet shopping village and then visit burger king.
  • Always looked after in this cinema.
  • The machines in the lobby don't allow you to leave a single seat empty; go to the counter to choose the seats you want but the queues are usually slow.
  • Unlimited card is worth it at 16.40 a month. See more than two films a month and you see savings. 10% off snacks and discounts in places such as Nando's as well. However, allocated seating!!
  • Average film. Can use "passbook" for your tickets if you have an iPhone. Much quicker as people buy food and tickets in the same que.
  • Not the greatest coffee, but if you are going to a late night showing then you don't have many other local options to get it.
  • There is no designated seating, so if you want to sit in a large group then make sure you arrive early
  • I love it here, me and my friends literally live here
  • Cine world is great because it has free parking, unlike the Odeon in Chelmsford. I find prices are cheaper as well.
  • Don't turn up about 30 minutes after the screen start time to avoid ads and wonder why you can't get the seat you wanted. Albeit that its always entertaining for the rest of the cinema to watch you...
  • Don't believe them when they say the screen is ready. Bcos its not and its still filthy.
  • Bring your own sweets!! 2.80 for one bag of M & M's..... Tesco's two bags for 3:00!!
  • The ladies toilets smell of cabbage!
  • Comming to late showings means always getting a good seat

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