Venice Beach Boardwalk

Pedestrian Street/Plaza
Ocean Front Walk (at Windward Ave)
Venice, CA 90291


  • Rent a two-seater bicycle and pedal your way down the boardwalk to see the Venice drum circle and local artists. Pose in front of the Starry Knight mural for a great photo opp! #vday
  • People watching at it's best, you'll love Venice Boardwalk.
  • CA (See) Make sure you take a picture in front of the Starry Night mural! It's at Ocean Front Walk + Wavecrest Ave.
  • You have to come early if you want to have a really nice spot on the beach. The Boardwalk and Pier are really great for sightseeing and strolling!
  • I wouldn't recommend the public bathrooms here!!!
  • I love to bring my dog to Venice, a great place for food and check out what the city has to show! Alot of interesting people!
  • My favorite place in LA. Pot smoking hippies, great handmade jewelry & art for sale, the beach, graffiti wall, what more could you want? Try renting a bike or just walk around & enjoy the performances
  • Don't walk on the bike path. You will get run over.
  • Chainsaw jugglers, swamis on rollerblades, street dancers...the most amazing street entertainers in the world are at Venice Beach and it's free to watch!
  • ! Freaky LA! )))
  • One of the best places in the USA to people watch.
  • seriously one of the best people watching spot! lots of tourists & locals. fun place but bring baby wipes or sanitizer.. bathroom is grosssss~ rent a bike n ride all the way to santa monica
  • Rent bikes!
  • Herrlich zum Joggen am Morgen und Abend!
  • Take the good with the bad! Lovely local artists, chotchkies galore, miles of beautiful beach :]
  • The best people-watching around!
  • Great plan for Sundays to walk and enjoy the artistry on the streets
  • Check out Venice Smoke Free Life for all your vaping needs
  • Run east. Good luck.
  • Be sure to take shots of rum with the bums

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