US Supermarket 新龍興

Row 1

8266 Broadway (at 45th Ave.)
Elmhurst, NY 11373
(718) 639-8688

Foursquare Tips

  • Just saw a special on lactaid milk for $3.99... Dunno how long it will last tho heading back later to stock up
  • Great supermarket, has all the good Asian products like Viet Huong 3 Crabs Brand fish sauce... But those poor, poor frogs! Everyone cry now.
  • Sprawling, dirt-cheap Chinese supermarket like you'd find in Santa Clara or LA. Just walk around; if you are brave, liberate the bullfrogs.
  • Super crowded at times but this supermarket offers a wide varieties of stuffs and great place to buy fresh seafoods
  • It's just too hectic here
  • Fish and seafood sections, together with the plethora of Asian dressings, are a true delight!
  • I like this supermarket more than HK supermarket on the next block. It can get crowded here but that's a good sign that groceries will be fresh. Green tea kitkats & all kinds of Pocky here!
  • Awesome prices
  • Mushrooms galore !!
  • Very busy trying to go and out of the parking lot behind the bank
  • Nicely ventilated and lots of variety. The only gripe I have is they got rid of the dim sum/sushi station when they took over NY Supermarket.
  • Replaced by US Supermarket
  • The dim sum stand is cheap and tasty.
  • Check out the Thai/Filipino section for spicy cooking bases and pastes, that will lead to almost restaurant style South East Asian style cooking from home.
  • Awesome bakery!
  • The seafood is plentiful and very fresh but I don't like the way they keep their frogs, it looks inhumane.
  • Bubble tea + Combo bun + Bean curd + Shumai= yummy!!!
  • Good Iced Coffee!!
  • You can count on this supermarket to have razor clams!